Douglas J. Eboch is an internationally reknowned teacher and public speaker. He teaches Screenwriting and Pitching at Art Center College of Design. He has lectured or given workshops on screenwriting and pitching for such organizations as USC, LMU, CSUN, Chapman Univeristy, UCLA, MediaCorp in Singapore, the Hollyweb Festival, Phoenix Comic-Con, and the Scriptwriters Network. Contact Doug if you would like to engage him as a speaker.

Script Consulting

Doug takes on a limited number of clients for personal screenplay analysis and consultation. If you are interested in this service, please read the information below and then contact Doug.

(NOTE: Do not send screenplays until Doug has agreed to take you on. Material sent without such an agreement will be destroyed/deleted without being read.)

"Doug's notes really helped me with the delicate balance between character, plot and theme in Simshar, which was particularly tricky given the parallel narrative structure, ensemble cast and strong social themes. During each project I resort to his advice and it has always been of great help!"
Rebecca Cremona, co-writer/director of Simshar, Malta's 2014 Academy Award Submission

"Doug's notes are insightful, productive, and critical without being negative."
Mike Horelick, writer Mob Queen and
Pee Stains and Other Disasters

What to Expect from an Analysis

My screenplay analysis service consists of detailed written notes on overall structure and scene-by-scene notes on a single draft, as well as a verbal consultation either in person or by phone to discuss the notes. I am also available to do analysis at the treatment/outline phase to help you solve story problems before spending time writing the first draft.

The feedback will be detailed, specific and very honest. If you haven't had this kind of critique before it might seem harsh. I am not trying to hurt your feelings. But you hire me to find all the problems in your script before you show it to a potential buyer. If I don't point out all the problems I can find, I am not doing my job.

What not to expect: I am not going to encourage you and boost your ego. Hopefully you have friends and family who will do that for you for free and you don't need to pay a stranger to do it. I am also not going to recommend your work to agents or producers. The service is designed only to help you get your script into professional shape.

I had the opportunity of having Doug mentor me during an independent study at the school I was attending, ArtCenter College of Design. A couple times a week we'd meet to talk about my script, Hard Sell, which eventually became my feature film debut. His notes and guidance throughout the process were invaluable and were also a big help in getting my script green lit.
Sean Nalaboff, writer/director Hard Sell
"Doug Eboch is a guru in both story structure, character, and what makes a script successful & commercial, we recommend him highly."
Brian Sawyer & Gregg Rossen, Writers of The Christmas Consultant and Undercover Bridesmaid
"Doug addresses everything from the big picture to fine details with precise, insightful, creative, and constructive notes, and follows them up with a really engaging, productive conversation that, combined, hone in on and the strengths and faults of the writing, uncover alternatives and solutions to stumbling blocks, and ultimately concentrate and bolster the screenwriter's ability to tell the story that they want to tell."
Bob McKeon, client

"Doug offers something few script consultants can--the perspective from an A-list writer working in Hollywood today."
Kevin Grange, client

"Doug gives great notes.  All of it useful. None of it filler. Just a clear and concise review that makes my scripts richer.  He has a keen grasp on story structure and concept. If it’s not working, he’ll tell you. If it is working, he’ll suggest ideas to make it better. It’s nice have a successful, knowledgeable screenwriter who’s so accessible."
Heather Brannon, client


Screenplay Analysis up to 130 pages*

Each Additional Page $10
Analysis of New Draft of Previously Analyzed Screenplay $350
Outline/Treatment Analysis (max. 30 pages) $195

1/2 hour teleplay

1 hour teleplay $395
Hourly Script or Pitch Consulting $150

*Why the page limit? Spec feature screenplays are most marketable between 95-110 pages. Many industry people will not even consider a script over 125 pages. If your screenplay is considerably longer, it will require more time to analyze and recommend extensive cuts.

I will respond to a reasonable number of follow-up questions but please understand that I cannot afford to become your personal coach for the price of a single analysis. If you want ongoing assistance we can discuss an hourly consulting arrangement.