Here are some of my projects you might be interested in:

Aftermath Cover

Check out my new ebook!

Aftermath: Kodiak & Dawn

After America is devastated by a deadly plague, a world-weary trucker searches for a runaway teenage girl in a wilderness controlled by a gang of vicious hijackers with a score to settle.

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I'm making a short film!

MICROBE is a 3D short film about a mission to Mars that has discovered microbial life in soil samples. After an accident releases some of the microbes into the ship’s atmosphere, the astronauts start exhibiting frightening behavior.

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Check out the film website.


Little Church Stories

The Little Church Stories is a series of humorous short stories about the staff and congregation of a little church in the fictional town of Normal Pennsylvania. I currently have two ebook collections out:

L.O.L.: Little Old Ladies

The Christmas Tree Lot and Other Holiday Stories

Other Projects

I have created a board game called BASILISK! I know, crazy, right? You can purchases it at the Game Crafter website.