Totally Rad Wormhole
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It’s 1989, and high school seniors Alex and Roger cannot wait to graduate. High school may be heinous, but they have big plans for adulthood. Then, something goes wrong with their science project – it rips open a hole in time, a tunnel to the year 2021. The boys journey into the future to find out how their lives will turn out. But when they meet themselves at their high school reunion, they are not pleased with what they’ve become and set out to change their fate. Their future selves, however, remember this journey and compete to influence the outcome.

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Sweet Home Alabama Prequel Novels

The story of Felony Melanie, the teenage troublemaker of Pigeon Creek, Alabama. I co-wrote this book with my sister, who writes under the name Kris Bock.

Felony Melanie in Pageant Pandemonium

Felony Melanie in the Big Smashup

Felony Melanie in Pageant Pandemonium Felony Melanie in the Big Smashup
Before Melanie Smooter became hot fashion designer Melanie Carmichael, she was known as Felony Melanie, the teenage troublemaker of Pigeon Creek, Alabama. Aching to escape the boredom of small-town life, she gets into many reckless adventures. Her boyfriend, Jake, is always by her side – and the local sheriff is usually close behind.

When Melanie qualifies for the Miss Alabama Princess Pageant Southern Regional, the first prize scholarship could be her ticket out of Pigeon Creek. But can a "trailer trash" girl outshine the snooty debutantes? Meanwhile, Jake and his friends suspect someone is sabotaging the pageant. They try to follow the clues, but it isn't easy when everyone dismisses you as redneck kids.

Melanie needs to prove herself on stage. Jake and the gang need to make sure she gets the chance. Can they show they're more than what people see on the surface?

Summer is almost over, so it's time to have some fun! Jake and his buddies are fixing up old cars so they can destroy them in the Pigeon Creek demolition derby. After all, what's more fun than smashing into things?

Girls don't do demolition derby. Everyone says so. But Melanie is tired of sitting on the sidelines. Why should the guys have all the fun? She can smash up a car as well as anyone!  
The guys don't want a girl intruding on their turf, and it’s not so easy for a broke teenager like Melanie to find and fix up an old car. She recruits some helpers and unearths an old, junked car, but everyone from Jake to the sheriff wants to keep her off the track.

Is the town ready for a female demolition derby driver? Is anybody ever ready for Felony Melanie?

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Watch the video of our online launch party of Felony Melanie in Pageant Pandemonium, featuring interviews with Kris and me, and guests Courtney Gains (Wade in the movie) and Fleet Cooper (Clinton in the movie):


My Non-Fiction Books

The Hollywood Pitching Bible The Three Stages of Screenwriting  

The Hollywood Pitching Bible: A Practical Guide to Pitching Movies and Television provides guidance on one of the most important aspects of the business from a screenwriter (me!) and a producer with decades of experience.

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The Three Stages of Screenwritingcovers all aspects screenwriting organized by the stages of the writing process.

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Other Projects

I have created a board game called BASILISK! I know, crazy, right? You can purchases it at the Game Crafter website.